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Researching on Sixth Sense Technology.. Jaguar Land Rover.

Date Added: September 18, 2015 12:32:56 PM
Author: adarsh
Category: Computers & Internet: Discussion Forums: Automotive
In order to reduce the number of accidents, Company is into developing for the number of new Road Safety Technologies. And that currently it is researching on the 6th Sense Technology that measures the Brain Waves. Highlights • Company has unveiled number of Road Safety Technologies. • Currently they are working upon the Technology called 6th sense. • This technology is all about measuring the Brain waves. The New Research Project of the company is called Mind Sense Research. It is utilizing for the Advanced Technology as a whole. This Technology will be helpful in order to have below information related to Driver. • The Heart Rate • Respiration • Levels of Brain Activity to identify o Stress o Fatigue o Lack of Concentration It simply will be reading the Brain & the Body in order to alerting through the Pulses & Vibrations. Dr. Wolfgang Epple is the Director of Research & Technology at JLR. He said the technology used in Aerospace & Medicine can be helpful in order to improve for the Road Safety Aspects. Even Driver’s Experience can be enhanced up to certain level. The Cutting Edge Sensors will be inserted into a car and that it will become intelligent accordingly. He concluded in the end as these projects are investigated to benefit to their valued customers as a whole. The Piece of New Research can be used to do below. We can measure brainwaves of the Driver in order to see if he is alert or concentrating on driving or not. The eyes might possibly are on the roads but if he is daydreaming it could be much risky in terms of meeting with an accident. So the objective of this research is to identify it & prevent the risk accordingly. How This Technology Works • If driver begins in daydream or sleepiness during driving, the system will read for the brainwaves. • It will do the same through Steering Wheel Sensors. • Then it will be alerting the driver with the Vibrations through the accelerator pedal.